Transparent budget planning

When planning a budget, the factors it is based on have to be reliable. That is particularly true of IT budgets. Only with a transparent, forward-looking estimation of costs are you able to prepare concrete budgets year after year for looking after and updating your systems.

Our expert IT budget planners give you the certainty of always knowing how your IT budget is looking. The basis for this is a firmly set annual budget. It is calculated based on the requirements likely to arise in respect of systems and services and agreed with you.

Within this prescribed cost framework we then seek out the hardware and software producers that are best suited to your company and will grant you the most favourable terms. We ourselves offer you service contracts with clearly calculable costs and transparent billing.

A regular weekly meeting and a report each quarter ensure that you are always fully informed at any given time of the current status of you annual IT budget.

Take advantage of our experience to achieve transparent planning of your IT budget and cost-efficient structuring of your IT projects!