Working at SCHIFFL

We give you our word.

You spend a lot of time with colleagues, clients and business partners. We realize how important it is to feel happy and content during this time. The basics for this are mutual respect for one another, open and honest communication and appreciation of dedication and achievements. We lay great importance on good co-operation with each other and work at this continually to make sure it stays in daily working life.

We let our actions do the talking.

We don’t just talk about good co-operation, we actually act and work in this way. For this to happen, we have chosen so called Cultural Agents – selected employees from all areas of our business, who put their heads together in internal workshops “creating company culture together”. During these workshops our “agents” discuss and evaluate what is important for SCHIFFL employees.

Six company values have evolved from these workshops; values which we gear ourselves to in our projects and with relationships to colleagues, clients and business partners.

We are all following the same goal of course: sustained success through top quality of our work, fantastic service and good working climate. This is the basis for projects which can be implemented with excellence and the basis which makes our work enjoyable!