GEMA, the Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance, provides Global Managed Mobility Services (GMMS) around the world through local experts with a shared goal to make mobile services simple, reliable and unified so that your business can work everywhere, anytime.

SCHIFFL is a founding member of the alliance responsible for providing managed services on behalf of GEMA in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This means SCHIFFL can offer large multi-national companies head quartered in these countries a global solution to their mobility requirements no matter where in the world your users reside. We also deliver the services in our local market for companies based in other regions of the world but managed by the local partner in that region.

With GEMA you get one point of contact to manage the service but a local contact number in each region that speaks the language of your users. Whether you need Deployment services, Mobile Platform management, or provisioning; our local experts in each region can deliver on your behalf as well as provide local support with knowledge of the local culture, language, and laws.

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