Software licence auditing

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to think of any business process not supported by software. As a result, the number of software products and users at companies is on the rise. Concurrently, the costs incurred for procuring and renewing software licences are also going up. At the same time, fully auditable procurement and management of software licences is becoming increasingly difficult, as this is getting ever more confusing and complex.

Given the number and diversity of software products being used, it is extremely important to keep an eye on factors such as contract durations, maintenance cycles, updates and upgrades. For this task it is advisable to use a software asset management system.

We offer you consultancy from our certified licence management experts. They will take a look at the software licences that you have in your business and examine which of these you actually need. They will also check whether the licensing levels are correct and determine the potential savings that would result from a professional licence management system.

Our specialists will present you with a number of different licence models practicable for your business and analyse which model is advisable for you from a cost/benefit perspective. By using a software asset management system you will discover what concrete options there are for you to cut your costs.

Have our specialists assist you in this both important and difficult area!